Turn any image into unique LEGO® compatible Brick Mosaic Art

Real Fun instead of tedious, repetitive recounting.
Real quality EU & USA certified multi-size plates instead of cheap 1x1 tiles.

Shapes far beyond square
Sizes far beyond tiny
Styles far beyond flat
Colors far beyond LEGO® Mosaic Maker Standard

The Mosaic Build Plan is FREE to get and yours to keep.

Create Your Mosaic Design
Plates floating aroundPlates floating aroundPlates floating aroundPlates floating around

Any Image

Cat converted to a brick MosaicCat before converting to a brick mosaic
Plates floating around

How it works

3 Steps to Your Brick Mosaic

Example of a phone's gallery to select a mosaic from

Upload Any Image

Choose any image to transform it into custom LEGO®-style Brick Mosaic Art

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Modify Your Brick Mosaic

Customize the colors, play with the size, and craft your very own one-of-a-kind brick mosaic masterpiece

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Buy Your Custom Mosaic Kit

Get the complete Brick Mosaic Box to build your personalized Mosaic Design

Everything you need

One Big Mosaic Box

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LEGO® compatible plates

Every individual brick mosaic is 100% compatible with LEGO® standard parts

EU & USA certified

We only use parts certified for the EU and compliant with the American and European Standard on Safety of Toys

Tetris Like Fun

Real Fun instead of tedious, repetitive recounting.

Plate by Plate Digital Build Plan

The Mosaic Build Plan is FREE to get and yours to keep

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Personal Support
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30+ True Colors & AI-powered color matching

Crafted from Standard LEGO-compatible parts, you can assemble expansive, richly detailed mosaics that surpass the limitations of conventional small tiles. Experience the grandeur of creating something truly impressive with over 30 vivid colors and a little help from AI

Using real plates of different sizes

Multi Size

Tetris Like Fun

Quick & Easy

Merge various sizes of LEGO-compatible parts in bright, engaging colors to offer a playful and soothing, TETRIS-like construction experience. It’s a perfect way to spend quality time with friends and family while indulging in creative joy

Image 1 x 1 PlateImage 2 x 1 PlateImage 4 x 2 PlateImage of mosaic with different plate sizesZoom of mosaic image with different plate sizes

Going beyond Standard

Our Mosaic Style are...

Schema of a flat mosaic


Flat represents the classic style of a brick mosaic. Unlike other mosaics containing just tiny 1x1 tiles, our unique mosaic art consists of multiple plate sizes that makes putting your mosaic art together much easier, much faster, and much more fun. Almost like playing Tetris

Image of a flat mosaic
Schema of a relief mosaic for a 3D effect


Our Relief Mosaics use base plates in 8 different colors to make your background shine without having to place any parts. Applying the Relief style also creates an amazing three-dimensional effect

Image of a relief mosaic

Ingeniously personal

Individualize your unique mosaic style

Image of a cat mosaic

Vibrant & Magnificent

Transform each piece into a distinctive work of Brick Mosaic Art that enhances your space or makes an extraordinary gift. The only limit is your creativity

Image of a smiley mosaic

Any Size & Shape

We have the perfect size & shape. No matter what your image is or where you want to put it.

Image of a smiley mosaic
Image of a dog mosaic

Flexible & Eco-Friendly

Utilizing standard LEGO-compatible parts, our Mosaics not only allow for endless creative possibilities but also promote sustainable enjoyment and cost-efficient entertainment by repurposing components for new projects

Image of free brick mosaic build plan

The Mosaic Build Plan is FREE to get and yours to keep

  • Easy-to-follow instructions

  • Easy to navigate by dragging & zooming

  • Excellent to read even on small screens

  • Printable

The perfect, personal, and unique Gift – at any time

Personal gift certificate included in bought mosaic

Download the FREE printable Gift Certificate with your Mosaic Design and be ready for this special moment when you give something truly unique to someone truly special.

While the Brick Set is on its way to you. Wherever you are. To create magic moments. Together.

Plan your next Brick Mosaic Building Party with Family & Friends

Collaboration of several people to build one big brick mosaic

Combining digital and physical build plans enhances the building experience, allowing multiple builders to easily share and coordinate.

Digital plans facilitate precise, remote collaboration, while physical plans offer a hands-on reference.This dual approach maximizes flexibility, encourages teamwork, and bridges the gap between digital precision and tactile engagement. A real ice breaker.

Step by step guide

Brickplicator 1 - 2 - 3

Collection of art from art4bricks.com

Need ideas for a unique gift?

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Hollywood Legends


What is Art4Bricks?

Art4Bricks is the largest selection of pre-designed Brick Mosaic Art available on the web today. Whether you look for classic paintings, Hollywood Legends, beautiful animals, Pop-Art, Cityscapes or any of our other 30+ categories, Art4Bricks is the place to go!

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